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                                 B.  Haz

B. Haz is more than just your typical emcee from Columbus, Ohio waiting to be discovered with a local mentality.  With the release of his debut album All Things Considered , he has shown the he’s quite possibly one of the best constructers of lyrical content transposed as thought provoking, conscious imaginative music in hip hop- with a phenomenon in his style that allows him to generate a melodic rapid fire of verbal heat over a wide variety of music genres.  Mental exercise for those who don’t mind thinking while listening to a wide range of beats!
B. Haz is comprised of musical influences and elements gathered early on through his parents and became more prevalent while diggin’ through the crates of his father’s old records to find loops to add substance to his studies.  Studies were not limited to and included; discouraging the competition during neighborhood chores, verbal innovation, fathering styles, and putting out local hits on the airwaves. 
Seeing the fruits of his labor, the then young Haz, started building his crew.  J. Ferguson (the beat boxer and drummer), H. Shaheed (DJ 2), Buka (DJ 1), and J. Rawls- (his partner in rhyme).  As everyone broke off into their sectors of exploration, B. Haz came across his present day henchmen (St. Nikolas and Mic Smiff) off of Gates and Lilley respectively, and from then, the rumor mill has flooded with the majority of the files being marked classified under Trump and Associates.
Today you can catch B. Haz with his henchmen St. Nikolas and Mic Smiff (Aviator Gang) on a collaborative whit for whit for whit infiltration of the industry.  The indoctrination of the highly anticipated Debut Album entitled All Things Considered on the M Class (Recordings L.L.C.) lineup is opening up many a third eye in anticipation of mental and lyrical fitness that will be delivered by B. Haz.  Columbus has spoken it’s about damn time!