We see it as our main mission to discover, develop, create and distribute music with high quality, higher standards, affordable prices, and a better service to our targeted markets.
M Class Recordings L.L.C. is a record company offering worldwide coverage, financial support and full administration, with licensing, manufacturing, publishing, sub-publishing, artist management advice, promotion, concert promotion, distribution, wholesale and retail merchandising, marketing and sales for worldwide distribution.
We produce recorded products in various music genres such as hip-hop, mainstream pop, R&B, gospel and country. We also educate and consult with legal and tax matters for our signed artists.
D. Anderson C.E.O.
We sign exclusive distribution contracts and do not own the copyrights of the masters as well as the pre-recorded products. This sets us apart from other record companies in which we allow the artist to invest in their project to earn their fair share of the profits.
We do not give out advances to eliminate charge-back contracts that will prohibit artists to grow within the music industry.
N. Boykin C.E.O.